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Single Lift

With our single lift service we reach the most famous MTB trails of the Finale Outdoor Region…and much more!

Our shuttles reach the sought-after destinations by Bikers from all over the world: Il Forte del Melogno, Melogno – Din, Base Nato, Le Manie e Monte Carmo.

For a true MTB experience.

Guided Tours


Rent your shuttle with driver and decide what you wanna do, take your time and place.

Rent Shuttle

Rent a Shuttle

We offer different kind of tours!!!

They are a full day experience with a group of people or private if you want. We can do also back country tour. All the tours includes bike shuttles and guides. Every biker has to take care of his own bike. The use of spinal protection and full face helmet is mandatory.

We cannot accept FAT BIKES because they don't fit the trailers.

Mountain Biking and expecially freeriding is a high risk activity!

Each cyclist therefore assumes full responsibility in the case of accidents and damages to thei own equipment or person.

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Finally the Academy of Finale Freeride is here!
After so many requests from our customers, we are very happy and proud to offer this NEW and EXCLUSIVE service.
You will have the oportunity to ride the most iconic trails of Finale flanked and followed by our coaches, who will show and teach you how to increase your feeling with the bike and your riding skills, so you will end to ride with more safety, more control, more speed and absolutely with more fun!!

During the day you gonna work on every aspect that
you need to improve your riding level.


Bale Outdoor Services s.r.l.
Via Nazario Sauro, 46
17027 - Pietra Ligure (SV)
P.IVA 01829550092


If you need to stay here more days, thanks to our tour operator we can offer a complete package from Airport Transfer, hotel and bike shuttle.


Book your airport transfer with us with the possibility of from 1 to 50 people with bikes thanks to our minivan and bus vehicles

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