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If you don't like to get in trouble on the most technical trails, but you still want to explore the area with your bike, this is the tour for you. A back country ride in Finale can mean ride up and down on the hills around town, where trails are natural and views are amazing, or climb up where the landscape changes from Mediterranean scrub to Alpine forest. It’s then time to enjoy a great ride down.


This Tour consists of a mix of single shuttle uplifts and pedaling sections. This is just the best way to explore Finale Ligure and to combine great trails with a bit of adventure. In fact, what you can find here is a huge network of trails, that mixes well known tracks with less known ones. From the ridge, we start with a first descent. After, we pedal up to reach a second trail. Second descent, second climb, and so on until you (we) get tired... when we head back to the starting point for a beer.


Tired of struggling on the climbs? Didn't have time to get fit this winter? Why don’t you try an electric assisted mountain bike? It’s not cheating, it’s a new way of riding! You’ll ride faster, longer and better. Well... if you don't have an e-bike, you can rent one in Finale... you'll love it!


If you have any special need, request, idea, just drop us a line and we’ll be very happy to satisfy all your requests.

We offer special tours like:

RIDING UNIVERSITY (MTB SCHOOL). Tailor made, one to one mtb technical training. To start your riding experience in Finale in the right way, improve your technique or simply build up your confidence


MULTI DAY AND SPECIAL TOURS. Thanks to our deep knowledge of the area, we are able to develop multi day tours from A to B. For example, start in Finale and ride along the coast to reach another town.

Or start in Finale and ride inland to end up in Piedmont. Why not!?


NIGHT RIDING. A very special experience of mountain biking. Grab your bike and a light, and start riding. The same trail will not be the same anymore: everything looks, feels, smells different.

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